Ironmongery in Edinburgh

Lewis MeadowsJul 10, '24


At Bell Donaldson Steele we have a variety of different products from top brands, on our site you can find some of the highest quality kit on the market today. This month we are focussing on our Ironmongery collection.

In our Ironmongery collection you can find door handles, hinges, and locks. Traditionally, ironmongery was linked to the manufacturing and trade of iron products for household purposes, not just for industrial use. However, it now includes products made from a range of materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, and even plastics.


Ironmongery Edinburgh

This evolution has also led to a greater focus on design and aesthetics, with ironmongery now being seen as a way to add style and personality to a space. With the advancement of technology and manufacturing processes, ironmongery has become more diverse and innovative, offering a wide selection of products to suit different tastes and needs. From traditional and classic designs to modern and contemporary styles, ironmongery has truly evolved to meet the demands of today's consumers.

The History of Ironmongery

Ever since ancient times, various civilizations have relied on resources like wood, copper, and iron. The use of metal dates back to 1200 BC, and iron quickly became a very useful skill. From mining to the creation of steel, aluminium, and gold, iron has played a crucial role in the development of other resources. By 476 AD, blacksmiths were highly important for creating weapons and tools, while other metalworkers contributed to the development of housing by making domestic items like hinges and bolts.

Blacksmiths and metalworkers continued to be busy, especially during the Industrial Revolution when mass production became essential to meet the growing demand. The expanding population, construction of more homes, and the establishment of a postal service all contributed to the high demand for domestic iron products. The traditional designs of blacksmith hinges, latches, handles, and knobs were replicated in the new era of iron mass production.

Where are we Based?

Bell Donaldson Steele has been around since the late 1800s, making us the oldest architectural ironmongers in Edinburgh. While our products have evolved over time, our dedication to amazing customer service and attention to detail has never wavered.

We aren’t just ironmongery specialists. We have a massive range of collections on show, such as Power Tools, Gardening, Hand tools and even Workwear. Head on over to our Ironmongery Collection to view the products on offer.