Festool 204147 Pin Pencil

The Festool 204147 pencil is one of the most versatile marking tools yet. This takes the humble carpenter's pencil to the next level and beyond.

It will mark virtually anything, shiny or dull, rough or smooth, light or dark, wet or dry. It doesn’t end there, the lead is only 2.8mm diameter making it extremely useful for marking through holes drilled for fixings. The 2B graphite lead is controlled by a push feed button on the top of the pencil.

When not in use a protective cap covers the stainless steel holder. The cap has an integral sharpener, so you’re never without a sharp pencil.

The bright green case is easy to spot if you drop it on site. A clip keeps the pen secure in your pocket and ready at a moment’s notice.

Key Features

  • Make your mark on virtually any surface
  • 2.8mm diameter 2B graphite lead
  • Ideal for marking through drill holes for fixings
  • Integrated sharpener in the protective cap
  • Top button push feed mechanism
  • Wipe clean from smooth surfaces with a damp cloth
  • Made in Germany