Festool 205722 SYS-PowerStation SYS-PST 1500 Li HP 240V

The SYS-PowerStation provides power. Even where there would otherwise be none. As a high-performance energy storage solution, it allows users to be independent of traditional power sources, such as electrical outlet modules, generators or site distribution boards – to guarantee predictable everyday work. Without the need to find a power supply or the hassle of pulling cables, overloaded site distribution boards or problems with fuses switching off.

With 2,990 watts permanent power and up to 11,000 watts short-term power, it provides enough energy to power all mains-powered tools – even extractors, large saws and hammer drills – continuously with no losses of performance. Compact and mobile, it saves 1,500 watt-hours of energy – for most applications, that is sufficient for a whole working day. Just like a normal 230 V electrical outlet module.

  • Independent: Allows users to be completely independent of traditional power sources, such as sockets, generators or site distribution boards
  • Planning: Every construction site operation can be safely planned from now on. The availability of power is no longer an element of uncertainty
  • High performance: With 2,990 watts permanent power and up to 11,000 watts short-term power, it operates all mains-powered tools continuously with no losses of performance – even extractors, large saws and hammer drills
  • Long-lasting: 1,500 watt-hours of stored energy – for most applications, that is enough for an entire working day
  • Compact and mobile: Weighs only 16 kg in the practical Systainer format – and can be carried upright with the carrying handle at the front of the Systainer. Compatible with the entire Festool Systainer system and bott vehicle equipment
  • Innovative: Its completely innovative technology, which is a world first, makes the SYS-PowerStation a high-performance energy storage solution with extremely high performance values, a long operating time but short charging times, in the compact Systainer format at a weight of just 16 kg
  • Spares air and lungs: No noise and smell, the perfect alternative to the diesel generator
  • Intelligent charging management: Smart Charging adjusts the charging strategy depending on the current cell temperature. This ensures that the PowerStation is always charged to the right power level, minimising charging times while protecting the battery cells
  • Exceptional: It goes without saying that you are fully covered thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the Festool SERVICE (The "Replaced in the event of theft" service also applies – with an increased excess fee)
  • Dust-free work: Turns every extractor into a cordless extractor – and operates an additional tool at the same time via the electrical outlet module on the extractor. This means that you can now work with dust extraction anywhere
  • Compatible: The SYS-PowerStation operates tools and machinery from all manufacturers – this means that you can continue using the machinery from the usual system
  • Saves time: Perfect for small assembly and repair work where finding the power source usually takes longer than the task itself
  • High power quality: Can be used to operate electronically sensitive machines, such as laptops, televisions, stereo systems without any problems
  • Protect other electrical outlet modules with a fuse: To operate more than one machine with the SYS-PowerStation (e.g. using a cable drum, SYS-PowerHub or the extractor's electrical outlet module), protect every additional machine with a residual current personal protection adapter (one is included in the scope of delivery)
  • For your safety: Only for use with machines which do not require an earthed energy source (for this reason, the TKS 80 cannot be operated with a SYS-Power Station)

How much power can I get out of it?

The SYS-PowerStation stores 1500 watt-hours of energy. For most applications this is enough for an entire working day.


  • Approx. 200m² of drywall sanding with the Planex LHS 2 225 sander, including dust extraction
  • Approx. 62m² of concrete sanding with the RG 130 diamond grinder, including dust extraction
  • Approx. 70m of rip cuts in 120mm thick spruce with the HK 132 circular saw
  • Approx. 3000 cross-cuts in 40 x 98 mm pine solid construction timber with the HK 55 circular saw
  • Approx. 560 cross-cuts in parquet with the KS 60 mitre saw, including dust extraction. That's a total of approx. 112m of cross-cutting.
  • Approx. 50 cut-outs for a hob with the TS 55 plunge saw and the PS 420 jigsaw (for the corners), including dust extraction
  • The Syslite Duo work light can be operated for more than 16 hours
  • Approx. 22x 18V 5.2Ah batteries can be fully charged
  • You can watch a 49 inch television for more than 30 hours. That's a total of approx. 17 football matches, including half-time.
  • Approx. 240 cups of espresso or 135 cups of coffee can be prepared with a capsule machine