Snickers Workwear 9169 D3O® Craftsmen Knee Pads

Craftsmen kneepads that feature advanced knee protection for extended periods of frequent kneeling. An EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating guards against pebbles, nails and various debris during work that requires mobility. The pads are made of the innovative D3O® material that offers enhanced impact protection and retains its shape for long durations. In addition, a curved and highly durable construction ensures the kneepads stay securely in place for continuous comfort, while the interior conforms to the knee and distributes pressure when kneeling.

  • EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 knee protection
  • D3O® material for impact protection
  • Retains shape for extended periods of frequent kneeling
  • Ergonomic design for stability and flexibility
  • Durable and long-lasting design