DeWalt DCGG571N 18V Grease Gun Body Only

Features and Benefits

18v BODY ONLY DCGG571NK DeWALT Grease Gun, this is a superb addition to the 18v DeWALT Power Tools range performs routine lubrication at twice the rate of any manual grease gun plus the high pressure generated can clear blocked fittings.

A purge valve allows the trade to bleed excess air that may be trapped in pump valves affecting the pressure and speed of application, the output pressure is 10000psi (690 bar) with a flow rate of 147g per minute and comes with a 1mtr hose for hard to reach areas.

DCGG571NK Grease Gun has an innovative pump filter screen helping to keep dirt from passing through the pump mechanism and a very useful bright LED work light to illuminate fittings that may be difficult to locate.

These 18v DeWALT Grease Guns can be bulk-filled (suction or pump) or used with standard 400g grease cartridges and include a useful shoulder strap for carrying the DCGG571KN during applications requiring climbing or manoeuvring around the work site.


Max Volume: 5.0oz/min
Hose Length: 42"
Cartridge Capacity: 400g
LED Light: Yes
Bulk Capacity: 450g
Tool Weight 4kg
Shoulder Strap Yes

Comes With:

Shoulder strap
Kit box