Fein 18V Battery and Charger Set 5.2Ah

The Fein 18v 5.2ah Battery Starter Set contains two HighPower 5.2ah batteries and an ALG 80 rapid charger. The charger shows the current charge state, along with the number of cycles to date on your tablet or smartphone.

It has a short charge time thanks to the 8 amp current and process-controlled charge management. It features a large LED display with a charge indicator for maximum visibility, and a USB port to charge small electrical devices. The charger is compatible with all FEIN Li-ion batteries. Ideal for professional and DIY use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large LED display with a charge indicator for maximum visibility
  • Compatible with all FEIN Li-ion batteries
  • Short charging time

Technical Specification:

Current/Voltages - 18 V
Capacity - 5.2 Ah
Charge times (80% of max. capacity): 12 and 18 V / 3 Ah: 31 min., 12 and 18 V / 6 Ah: 38 min., 18 V / 5.2 Ah: 33 min.

Supplied With:

2 x 5.2Ah HighPower Li-ion batteries
1 x ALG80 Rapid Charger