Festool 205746 Systainer3 Organizer Inst Sys3 ORG M 89


This Festool organiser systainer set is flexible for all screw driving, assembly task. Besides the Festool 396 x 296 x 89mm SYS3 organiser systainer is an ideal container to help clearly organise and transport small parts as a trade professional or DIYer.

Furthermore, systainers can be connected and stacked to other systainers, ensuring easy storage and helping to utilise higher up spaces and to save floor space. This systainers is compatible with transport systems to easily transport around job sites and from one workstation to the next.

The Systainer is fitted with a T-loc, keeping the small parts stored inside safe and secure. The transparent lid enables easy viewing of items inside and allows for locating contents without opening the systainer.

Main Applications

  • Flexible for all screwdriving and assembly tasks
  • Transparent lid enables easy identification of contents

Products Highlights

Achieve ideal results more quickly:

  • With improved organisation, overview and mobility, you can say goodbye to fruitless searching and unnecessary procedures. The transparent cover means that you have a view of everything at all times.

100% mobile:

  • From a stationary workshop to the place of use – Systainer³ goes mobile. To make transport simple, Systainer³ products can also be seamlessly integrated into bott vehicle equipment.

Systems get it done:

  • Organizer units can be connected to each other, to Systainer units and to many other system accessories.


  • In standard format with proven base area
  • Clear organisation and transportation solution for small parts with transparent lid

Items included

  • Screwdrivers (SD PZ 1, PZ 2, PH 1, PH 2, TX 10, TX 15, TX 20, TX25, TX 30, SZ 5.5 x 1.0)
  • SZ 3.0 x 0.8 mains tester
  • Ring ratchet spanners, spans: SW 8, SW10, SW13, SW17, SW19, ratchet mechanism with 72 teeth, backswing angle: 5°, 15° jaw position
  • Angle key: Hex 2 mm, Hex 2.5 mm, Hex 3 mm, Hex 4 mm, Hex 5 mm, Hex 6 mm, Hex 8 mm, Hex 10 mm
  • Adjustable spanners (up to a max. of 34 mm)