Festool 202479 BP18 Bluetooth Battery

Taking technology within power tools to the next level, these Festool Bluetooth battery packs can make your extractor and power tool work together at the exact same time. By communicating the Bluetooth module on the mobile dust extractor with a cordless tool, thanks to this battery, the mobile dust extractor will automatically start suction whilst the power tool is in use.

This will make your working environment cleaner and jobs quicker, thanks to the ability of doing two jobs at once. An integrated LED display on the battery pack states the charge at all times. The SCA 8 Airstream rapid charger maximizes the charge within these batteries quickly with active cooling during each charge to give the battery a longer service life.

So What?

  • Bluetooth connectivity - Add the brand new Festool Bluetooth module to the product and the remote to the suction hose to have the freedom of starting the extractor from anywhere.
  • Link Cordless tools - The bluetooth range enables the link up between Festool power tools and the extractor. Simple add a brand new Festool battery to a cordless tool, sync the two together and the extractor will start automatically when the cordless tool is in use.
  • AirStream technology - AirStream have a faster cooling function with allows faster reuse of the battery.
  • Increased charging - These batteries now have significantly increased charging capacity for more working time.
  • Compatible with rapid charging - The new batteries are compatible with the SCA 8 rapid charger for faster charging times.
  • LED display - Integrated LED display on the battery for information on the charge of the battery at all times.

Features and Benefits:

  • Communicates via Bluetooth with the Bluetooth module on the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor.
  • Powerful, extremely durable 5.2 Ah battery pack.
  • The all-rounder for all applications.
  • Quick and efficient charging with active cooling during the charging procedure.
  • Integrated LED display on the battery pack.

Technical Specification:

Batteries - Battery.
Battery Composition - Lithium-ion (Li-Ion)
Sub-Type - Battery
Type - Batteries
Weight - 0.7kg.
Capacity - 5.2Ah.
Tensioner - 18V.
Battery Type - Lithium-ion battery.

Supplied With:

1 x 5.2Ah Li-ion Bluetooth Battery Pack