Graffiti Eaterz Heavy Duty Vandalism Wipes - GEW150 (4 Pack)

Graffiti Eaterz Wipes are a fast acting, easy to use graffiti remover wipe that safely penetrates and loosens graffiti, making it easy to remove. 

Graffiti Eaterz are specifically formulated for use on plastics, metals, concrete and other hard surfaces, for the removal of paints, inks, permanent marker and more.

Graffiti Eaterz work within minutes and save significant time and labour, without the need to replace equipment or repair surfaces that have been damaged by using inappropriate removal products.

Key Features

  • Graffiti Eaterz can dramatically reduce the time it takes to remove graffiti
  • No damage to the underlying surface
  • Removes aerosol paints, brush paints, marking ink, marker pens and more
  • Made in Britain - gives the product far less transport miles
  • Extra thick, strong wipe material - twice as thick as others on the market
  • Easy access pop-up top
  • Recyclable tub and lid

Graffiti Eaterz are so effective we recommend testing a small surface area prior to use.