Makita 6 Piece Holesaw Kit D-47139

The Makita D-47139 is an 8 piece hole saw set containing 6 x different sized hole saws: 20, 25, 32, 40, 51 and 65mm with 2 x Arbors and an Eject Spring. These Holesaws are designed for fast cutting and long life thanks to their Bi-metal construction with variable tooth pitch.

This is the ideal kit for Electricians but can also cut easily through steel, aluminium, copper, brass, wood and plastic for a number of different applications. Comes in a plastic Carry Case for ease of transportation and maximum protection.

Fast cutting and long life. Sizes carefully selected for the needs of the professional electrician
Application: Electrician, trunking, conduit, pipe, kitchen, bathroom Hardwood, Softwood, Metal, Mild Steel, Aluminium
Features: Bi-metal holesaws with variable tooth pitch
Fast cutting and long life