Makita DECADP05 18V USB Adapter

  • Suitable for use with iOS and Android systems
  • Battery protection USB Port
  • Output 2.1A

The DECADP05 USB Adapter charges or supplies power to mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and other USB devices when used with 14.4V or 18V Li-ion LXT slide type battery (not included). DECADP05 is not compatible with G-Series batteries.

The DECADP05 simply slides on top of the battery and instantly coverts it to a handy USB charger for electronic devices.

The DECADP05 is equipped with 2 USB ports (A type), strap installation hole and a belt clip to allow the user to carry the “unused” battery hands free whilst charging the USB device.

The USB Adapter is covered in rubber to protect the ports from dust. The DECADP05 provides 2.1 A per USB port.