Makita DMR055 LXT 18v Cordless Radio AM FM Camping Lantern Torch Site Body Only

The DMR055 18V/14.4V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Lantern is a work light providing ultra-bright illumination, versatility, and convenience. Though more suited to outdoor and recreational activities than to work sites, construction sites, or other professional settings, the idea is nevertheless intriguing. A brand-new cordless lantern radio has been created by Makita. This features an AM/FM radio, a lamp, a warring function, and 360-degree light coverage. The user can choose between lighting the entire workspace or a specific task or work surface thanks to these flexible settings.
The lantern is simple to operate and intended for both professional site conditions and leisure applications including camping, fishing, walking and many more

 Slow lighting up
Battery capacity warning function
Overload protection
Lantern (360˚ light coverage)
Lantern side carry mode
On/Off mode select button, equipped with memory function remembering the brightness and light tone settings

Supplied body only - no charger or battery supplied.