Makita DRT50RTJX2 18V 1/4" Router & 3 Bases & 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries

Makita Brushless Router Kit | Trimmer Base / Plunge Base / Tilt Base | 2 x 5.0Ah 18V Batteries

This kit from Makita include two 18 Volt LXT Lithium-ion batteries which each have a capacity of 5.0 Amp-hours. It also comes with a charger to quickly and easily recharge the batteries when mains power is available.

As well as the batteries and charger, the kit comes with three different bases for the router. The first is a plunge base, that makes regular plunge cutting much easier, letting you plunge to a preset depth. The next is a trimmer base, ideal for taking the sharp corners off cabinetry and the like. Finally is the tilt base, which adds a whole new level of versatility to your trimming, letting you use a straight cutting router bit to make chamfer cuts for example.

The compact DRT50 router is capable of being lightweight, compact AND cordless thanks to the brushless motor technology, giving it many advantages over brushed motors. This runs from the extensive 18 Volt LXT range of batteries.

  • Kit comes with three different bases.
  • Tilt base, plunge base and trimmer base.
  • Supplied with two 5.0 Amp-hour batteries.
  • 18 Volt brushless DC motor drive unit.
  • Compact and lightweight.

1 x DRT50 Brushless Cordless ⅜"/¼" 18V Router
1 x Mains Battery Charger
2 x 5.0Ah 18V Li-ion Batteries
1 x Trimmer Base
1 x Plunge Base
1 x Tilt Base
1 x MacPak Connector Case