Paslode 018880 7.2V 2.1Ah Battery (for Lithium Nail Guns IM360Ci, IM350 Lithium, IM65, IM65A, PPN35Ci)

Paslode Lithium Battery

This Paslode 7.2V 2.1Ah Lithium-ion battery (018880) has been upgraded to a larger capacity to provide a longer run time and many more shots per charge! This Li-ion battery is compatible with the following Paslode nail guns:

  • IM360Ci
  • IM350+ Lithium edition
  • PPN35Ci positive placement nailer
  • IM65 and IM65A Lithium editions
  • IM50 Lithium edition
  • IM4GN coil nailer

Key Features of this Paslode Lithium Battery

  • Now 2.1Ah - increased capacity means more shots per charge
  • No memory effect: charge this Li-ion battery at any time without affecting the overall capacity
  • No self-discharge
  • Long overall battery lifetime