Tracer AMK1 Deep Hole Pencil

  • ALL-PURPOSE CONSTRUCTION PENCIL - Clear and precise marking up to 145mm and ideal for general-purpose construction marking on most common materials.
  • DEEP HOLE MARKING- Equipped with a 2B Lead that can be fully extended allowing for the user to mark depths of up to 145mm which is perfect for marking through small gaps and drill holes.
  • BUILT FOR CONSTRUCTION - With a sturdy metal design and accompanying TRACER Site Holder, the Deep Hole Construction Pencil is built specifically for the wear and tear of construction sites.
  • VERSATILE MARKING - The TRACER Deep Hole Construction Pencil is suitable for marking on ceramics, plastic, wood and metal work surfaces.
  • INBUILT SHARPENER - Keep your marking precise and accurate with an inbuilt pencil sharpener.
  • REPLACEMENT LEAD SET - Contains a TRACER Anti-Snap Lead Dispenser complete with 4x replacement leads and 2x alternative yellow leads for the TRACER Deep Hole Construction Pencil.