Fein Multimaster MM 500 Plus Top Multi Tool 240V

The Fein Multimaster 500 Plus Top 230v Oscillating Multi-Tool is a powerful tool ideal for interior renovation work. The anti-vibration system reduces vibrations and noise for a safer, more pleasant working environment.

The 350W motor has a high copper content, which means that it's more suited to potential overload and delivers a higher cutting speed. The metal gearbox is robust and hardwearing, and the 5m rubber cable allow a large working Radius. 

This Set arrives with more than 30 accessories, which can be used for removing tiles, sanding, sawing wood and metal, and a variety of other applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes 30 accessories for sawing in wood and metal, sanding, and removing tiles
  • Tool includes an anti-vibration system for minimal vibrations and improved noise insulation
  • 350W motor provides a higher cutting speed and work progress

Technical Specification:

Input - 350 W
Oscillations - 10,000 - 19,500 rpm
Tool Holder - StarlockPlus
Tool change - QuickIN
Amplitude - 2 x 1,7°
Cable with plug - 5 m
Weight according to EPTA - 1.40 kg